Searching for that 'Swedish Sound' at SXSW

You might be surprised to hear that Sweden is the world’s third biggest exporter of music. ABBA, Ace of Base, and the guy who invented Spotify are all Swedes. And when Swedish musicians travel outside their country, one of their first stops is South by Southwest.But what makes Swedish music so popular? Originally aired on Austin's NPR station

How This County Program Keeps Mental Health Patients Out of Jail & In Treatment

Austin is using federal and state funding to connect mental health counselors with police and emergency workers. The've been functioning like this for a year. Here's how it's going. Originally aired on Austin's NPR station

How Austin's Growth and Project Connect Could Impact the City's Bats

A proposed rail line may interfere with the flight path of the bats that roost under the Congress Avenue Bridge. Originally aired on Austin's NPR station

Hip Hop at City Hall

In March, New York City Council honored hip-hop legends from the Bronx.

It All Comes Back to Bacon

Sales of bacon in the U.S. have risen consistently over the past four years. I took a look at who’s profiting off salted pork’s renaissance.