Finding the Fountain of Youth in an Ancient Irish Bog

The peat found in some anti-oxidant-rich wetlands has preserved the youthfulness of thousand-year-old corpses. Can it do the same for those who are still alive?

How Austin Turned a Dead Department Store Into a Community College

Wednesday, Austin Community College led students through the college’s new Highland campus, covering 200,000 square feet once occupied by a J.C. Penney.

Chefs’ Fridges by the Numbers

In this year’s Food and Drink Issue, we pried our way into the refrigerators of 11 New York City chefs to learn what kitchen professionals keep in stock at home.

Group Amplifies Complaints by Foster Care Parents, Kids

Randy Pearson, 18, counts on his fingers the number of foster homes he's been in since age 10. He taps his fingers against his thigh—one light thump for each new foster-care parent.

Shutdown Hits Downtown Vets

Vendors selling souvenirs near the Statue of Liberty have suffered a loss of business since the government shutdown – but because of city vending laws, they might be doubly hit by the federal shutdown.

A Public Service Announcement from PDDC

The Philadelphia Developmental Disabilities Corporation (PDDC) offers cultural arts programs for disabled adults in a state where funding for this population has been severely cut.

The Photo that Launched a Thousand Ticket Sales

Gunnar Montana choreographed a burlesque show based on a trend he saw among his female friends: talented dancers heading for the strip clubs, which promised more job security than the stage.